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The TSCHAN®-S coupling is a torsionally flexible, shock-proof claw coupling. It compensates angular, radial and axial shaft misalignment within specified tolerances. With the TSCHAN®-S coupling, the torque is transmitted via a compressed elastic intermediate ring. The elastic intermediate ring absorbs shocks and torsional vibrations, is resistant to oil and largely insensitive to temperature.

  • Nor-Mex®

The rotationally resilient coupling of the TSCHAN Nor-Mex series is flexible in all directions and therefore compensates for angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignments of the connected machines. Misalignments can be caused, for example, by inaccurate assembly, heat movements or settling phenomena. By virtue of the rotational resilience of the coupling, dangerous torsional vibrations from the operational range of plant machinery can be transfer to rotational speed ranges in which no negative effects are to be expected.

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