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TB Wood's

  • Sure-Flex ® Plus

  • Dura-Flex ®

Steelflex Coupling


  • N-EUPEX coupling

  • RUPEX pin and bush coupling


  • Trouble-free operation of systems subjected to torsional vibrations is possible only when the correct flexible coupling is used. Decisive here are the suitable materials? for instance, when they are to link two rubber mixtures of differing rigidities or special composites of rubber and fabric. Put your trust in our years of experience producing and processing elastomers. Equally as important is the precise design of the coupling calculated for the drive and its elements. Here as well, we can provide the reliable solution. Our flexible couplings are arranged between the input and output side to influence favourably the torsional vibration behaviour and absorb axial, radial, and angular displacements.

  • Periflex® TT/-NA Shaft Coupling

  • Periflex® VN Disc Coupling

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